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Spacious and contemporary prefabricated bungalow with Bauhaus architecture

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This prefabricated home has a freestyle design theme derived from the WeberHaus ebenLeben concept, which combines functionality and design on a single residential level. Distinctive styling and smooth transitions, as well as plenty of space, are all hallmarks of our flat pack homes - and this modern property is no exception.

A patio area at the front provides an appealing space for the client that incorporates outdoor and indoor living. With glass providing shelter overhead, this is the perfect area to enjoy a meal outside or to entertain guests in the sunshine. The home interior is deceptively spacious, as the interior utilises open-plan principles to create larger multifunctional spaces. Our innovative house architecture is prevalent throughout, fully maximising the floor space’s potential - and this home even has a sauna room.

This aesthetically attractive bungalow is the ideal home for those who attach importance to comfort and accessibility - particularly retirees. Frameless, floor-to-ceiling picture windows, a stylish flat roof and en-vogue Bauhaus architecture create a visually impressive property that embodies the signature bespoke style of our prefabricated homes.

Based on our pioneering approach to prefabrication, this prefab home is a shining example of the WeberHaus spirit. Each of our bespoke homes is not only individually designed but integrates our industry-leading innovations in sustainable house design. At the core of every home is an eco-friendly philosophy, incorporating both luxury modern design and energy efficiency so that we can design and construct superior prefabricated homes.