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Large, contemporary, Bauhaus style prefabricated villa with energy-saving properties

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This stunning Bauhaus home was built by WeberHaus for the Winters family, following their desire to construct a property with more living space for their children. The Winters had a clear vision for their prefabricated home - they wanted a large plot with plenty of living space and customised solutions - and after visiting WeberHaus’ World of Living in Rheinau-Linx, they knew we could provide exactly what they wanted. The resulting home is an elegant eye-catcher designed in the modern Bauhaus style - offering natural all-round weather protection, with a superbly insulated building shell. Large triple-glazed aluminium and timber windows are prominent throughout the home, enhancing insulation and enticing natural light to enter the interior.

The exterior of this prefab home stays true to its Bauhaus aesthetic, with a minimalist geometric design paired with a monochrome colour palette, comprised of white and deep grey. A simple pool design at the rear of the home provides a stylish place for the family to relax on warmer days - while colour-matched outdoor furniture offers an area on the tiled patio for morning meals or for entertaining guests. Plants in simple pots around the walls add a splash of greenery that reflects the in-built eco-house design that each of our prefabricated homes is built with.

What the Winters family particularly loved was that our timber frame homes can be erected in less than three days - as each piece is manufactured by our expert bespoke house builders at our factory in Rheinau-Linx, Germany, before construction begins. This innovative house building technique is what makes WeberHaus’ prefabricated homes a welcome change of pace from the longer time frames of regular builds.