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Energy-efficient self-build home with white plaster façade and in-house power generation system

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This new WeberHaus prefabricated home, assembled in Wuppertal, Germany, boasts a stylish exterior. This two-storey home features a white rendered façade that contrasts with the anthracite-coloured hip roof, creating a contemporary look and feel. Large windows are used extensively at each side of the house, allowing natural light to enter every room to brighten the interior during the day. An overhang at the front of the house provides a space for the family to enjoy meals outside or to entertain guests, while spacious rooms inside offer additional places to relax. 

The interior of this property is stunning. Modern furnishings and fittings pair with a contemporary colour palette to create an extraordinarily comfortable and undeniably classy home for the family. The design of this property comes from our CityLife template, which homeowners can use a base to create a living concept that corresponds to their individual lifestyle. Our residential architects worked with this client to make any amendments to the design, before our luxury house builders manufactured the individual parts at our factory in Rheinau-Linx.

Engrained in WeberHaus philosophy is a dedication to building energy-efficient homes - and this home raises the bar with an exciting array of eco-friendly features. We used the ÖvoNatur Therm wall system (U-value 0.12 W/m2K) to form the basis of the eco-friendly structure, and then built upon this with other green features that are included in all of our eco homes as standard. For drastically improved heating regulation, triple-glazed windows, airtight door seals, heat recovery ventilation and underfloor heating all ensure this home loses as little heat as possible and retains a comfortable temperature no matter the weather. For security, nine-point lock systems ensure that our doors are fully secure for our homeowners’ peace of mind. 

Innovative building control technology adds further sustainability to this home’s list of eco-credentials, including a cutting-edge water-to-air heat pump with an integrated ventilation system. The home sources its power from roof-integrated photovoltaic (solar) panels on the roof (6.6 kWp), a further photovoltaic system on the roof of the garage (3.0 kWp) and roof-integrated semi-transparent panels on the pergola (1.2 kWp) as a smart shady solution. In all, the 10.8 kWp of photovoltaic generates more energy than needed for its day-to-day needs. 

As a result of these integrated state-of-the-art technologies, all of our eco-friendly homes consume less than a quarter of the energy that standard homes do - lowering energy bills and reducing the building’s impact on the planet.