Bau Werk Wenden
Forty-five-year anniversary in Wenden-Hünsborn

In summer 2023, WeberHaus celebrated its 45th anniversary at its production site in Wenden-Hünsborn in the Sauerland. It was on 10 June 1978 that the plant and office buildings were built, eighteen years after WeberHaus was first founded in Rheinau-Linx. WeberHaus founder Hans Weber had been searching along the A45 motorway for a suitable site, until he finally found one in Wenden-Hünsborn.

Heidi Weber-Mühleck, managing partner of WeberHaus, was not only present as a teenager at the plant opening, but she was also at the anniversary celebration 45 years later, where she took the opportunity to look back at the past decades, along with the company's management and employees. Over those 45 years, the personnel in Sauerland produced around 10,000 WeberHaus homes.

In a ceremonial setting, Heidi Weber-Mühleck introduced the new managing director and plant manager at Wenden-Hünsborn, Dr. Manuel Schönwitz.


Takeover of ‘Henke Bad Heizung’

On 1 January, 2023, WeberHaus took over a majority stake of the company Henke Bad-Heizung GmbH in Olpe in the Sauerland in the course of a succession plan. Specialising in sanitary installations, heating and ventilation systems, and solar energy systems, the firm was founded in 1946 and is situated not far from the WeberHaus works in Wenden-Hünsborn.

The company retains its legal autonomy and operates independently on the market. In addition, Henke Bad-Heizung can take part in regional WeberHaus construction projects.

39.000 gebaute Weber-Häuser seit Firmengründung 1960
Hans Weber presents 39,000th house

The year 2022 saw a further milestone in the 62-year history of the WeberHaus company: the completion of its 39,000th house. An individually planned, architect-designed, T-shaped house, it comprises a two-storey main house with a gable roof and a further single-storey building. Company founder Hans Weber travelled to the house in the District of Aschaffenburg to personally congratulate the owners.

Highly automated production employing robotics in the first section

Robots are becoming increasingly commonplace in prefabricated home building: the first Weinmann smartPrefab is now being realised at the production site of the prefab house manufacturer WeberHaus in Rheinau-Linx. To make this possible, the company has expanded its production hall by 2,000 square metres. The new plant components are highly automated and interconnected. “We expect the use of robots to afford us a high degree of flexibility and precision,” says Gerd Manßhardt, managing director of WeberHaus. “It also allows us to focus on introducing ergonomic workplaces and reduce the physical strain on our employees,” adds Manßhardt. This represents a perfect blend of modern production techniques and traditional craftsmanship at WeberHaus. The investment amounted to a total of ten million euros.

Hans Weber übergibt 38.000 WeberHaus
Hans Weber presents the 38,000th WeberHaus home

Yet another record for the prefab house manufacturer, WeberHaus: recently, the 38,000th WeberHaus home was handed over to its proud owners, Melanie and Robert Wackenhut. Company founder Hans Weber was present to personally congratulate the brand-new home owners. “38,000 WeberHaus homes in 61 years – that is quite something. I am particularly pleased to see that the new owners are a young family and that I have this opportunity to personally congratulate you. I wish you all the best in your new home,” continued Weber. Naturally, the Wackenhut family were delighted to be part of this special occasion, commenting, “We were so surprised to hear that our house was the 38,000th WeberHaus home.”


Repräsentative Villa von WeberHaus
Takeover of Möstel Bedachungen

On 1 January 2022, the prefabricated home builder WeberHaus take over the company Möstel Bedachungen GmbH & Co.KG in Kehl-Auenheim in the course of a succession plan. For a transitional period, the previous owners will remain on hand to facilitate an effective succession. WeberHaus enjoys a decades-long association with the regional firm that specialises in roofing for new and existing buildings. The company and its more than fifteen specialists remain legally independent and operate independently on the market. As well as continuing to serve its previous customer base with no restrictions, Möstel will also be contributing its know-how, experience and skill to a variety of WeberHaus construction projects.


Esszimmer zum Wohnzimmer
WeberHaus takes over Licht-Concept GmbH

After successfully restructuring the company Licht-Concept GmbH (LiCo) in Walldürn, the prefabricated home builder WeberHaus is taking over the specialist firm for electrical installations and lighting design, as of 1 October 2021. The company and its more than 40 employees will continue to operate independently, retaining their existing customer base, while at the same time intensifying its cooperation with WeberHaus.

“We had already made several positive experiences with the LiCo installation team, which is why we began talks with the management while we were still conducting the restructuring measures”, says Stephan Jager, commercial manager at WeberHaus.

Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2021
German Dream Home Prize 2021

For the second time in a row, WeberHaus has won gold in the Smart Home category. The jury particularly appreciated the innovative show home in Fellbach. The smart urban villa in an ecological prefabricated timber-frame construction also features the innovative Home4Future concept. For more living comfort, more security and more energy efficiency.

Moderne Luxusvilla
Opening of the luxurious show home in the World of Living

The prefab home manufacturer WeberHaus opens a premium-class show home at its World of Living building and adventure park in Rheinau-Linx. The new villa combines manual craftsmanship with design, style and luxury. The 335-square-metre single-family home was designed by the British architect Nick Blunt, who has been designing exclusive houses for WeberHaus for particularly discerning buyers. “With this new show home, we want to demonstrate how we use our skill in manual craftsmanship to create classically beautiful homes and luxurious and architecturally sophisticated houses,” says Heidi Weber-Mühleck, managing partner of WeberHaus. WeberHaus is setting new standards with this architect-designed house and is using it to demonstrate its own high quality standards. Thanks to the cooperation with Geplan Design from Stuttgart, the new show home also features a unique interior design.

For more information, visit the Luxury Villa page

Jubiläumsempfang, WeberHaus, Winfried Kretschmann, 60 Jahre WeberHaus
60 years of WeberHaus

In his ceremonial speech at the official anniversary reception, Winfried Kretschmann, prime minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg, praises the way that WeberHaus practises sustainability, saying that timber is the building material of our times.


Blumenwiese mit Blüten und einer Biene
Strips initiative for the protection of species

Since 1960, ecological thinking and action have been an integral part of the WeberHaus corporate philosophy. We want to carry our values forward. To promote biodiversity and protect the population of wild bees and butterflies, we have launched the flowering strips initiative.


WeberHaus Zukunftshaus - Home4Future
KfW 40 Plus efficiency house as standard

The anniversary campaign is also accompanied by numerous benefits for prospective owners: the innovative Home4Future concept is to become a standard feature of every WeberHaus home and is also the basis of the high level of support for a KfW 40 Plus efficiency house.


Zertifikat: Der Bauherr, 1. Platz Leserhauswahl 2019
Gold for Kundenhaus Hetz

Our WeberHaus home was voted the best in the luxury houses category of the readers’ house choice in the magazine “Der Bauherr - Das große Hausbaumagazin“ (issue 08/18).

Auszeichnung für höchste Innovationskraft 2021
Höchste Highest innovative strength

In a survey by the “Welt” information broadcaster, 30,000 German managers evaluated the innovative strength of 2,867 companies. In the prefab house supplier ranking (February 2019), WeberHaus is the number 1 in its sector!

5 Sterne WeberHaus
Five out of five stars from Haus-Kompass

WeberHaus achieved the highest score with five out of five stars in the current “Haus-Kompass“ study by the “Capita” business magazine (issue 6/2019), placing it among the “top manufacturers”. The study covered such areas as information & service, contracts & law, healthy living, and construction quality & inspection.

Marken-Champion 2019, Branchenbester WeberHaus
WeberHaus is brand champion

WeberHaus was named brand champion by “Die Welt“ and ServiceValue for the third time in a row, making it the best in its sector for 2019 (issue dated 15 August 2019). Brand enthusiasm for more than 2,300 companies was assessed on the basis of customer ratings.

Smart Home Award für WeberHaus
Silber in the SmartHome Award

The generation5.5 exhibition house in Wenden achieved second place in the “Most successfully realised project“ category of the SmartHome Award 2019. WeberHaus was the only house manufacturer to be awarded this coveted prize, which is presented annually by the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e. V.

Service und Beratung in Bauforum von WeberHaus
WeberHaus is Service-Champion

In 2019, WeberHaus achieved first place in the prefab housing industry for the fifth time in a row, in the “Service Champions“ ranking. The broad-based study by ServiceValue and “Die Welt“ systematically assessed the service quality of German companies on the basis of customer ratings.

Golden Cube Auszeichnung
First place in the Großer Fertighauspreis 2018

WeberHaus took first place in the “Golden Cube“ Great German Prefab House Prize (“Großer Deutscher Fertighauspreis”) 2018 for its show home in Günzburg, in the category “Universal Design“. The jury based its decision on the outstanding house concept for multi-generational living.

Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2018
Gold in the German Dream Home Prize 2018

In the German Dream Home Prize 2018, WeberHaus achieved first place in the “Country House” category for its “Kundenhaus Leclerc”. The coveted prize is awarded by Europe’s biggest property magazine, “BELLEVUE“ and the Schwäbisch Hall building society’s customer magazine “Wohnglück“.

SC Freiburg, WeberHaus Premiumsponsor
Premium sponsor at SC Freiburg

WeberHaus has been the new premium sponsor of SC Freiburg since the start of the 2018/2019 season. WeberHaus not only shares the same values as the club but they are also connected by their regional proximity. Back in 2004, WeberHaus built a residential building for young players at the Freiburg Football School.

Service und Beratung in Bauforum von WeberHaus
No. 1 prefab house provider

For the fourth time in a row, WeberHaus has taken first place among suppliers of prefab houses in the “Service Champion” customer survey. The survey by ServiceValue and ”Die Welt” assessed the service quality of German companies from the customer perspective.

Commposing generation5.5 mit Haussteuerung Apple homekit
Apple HomeKit meets WeberHaus

In the generation5.5 exhibition house at the World of Living in Rheinau-Linx, WeberHaus presented the first house whose entire domestic technology can be controlled by Apple HomeKit software. It comprises the comprehensive WeberLogic 2.0 with myHomeControl – along with the unparalleled user comfort that Apple is famous for. This is the idea of a trend-setting innovation project. The possibilities are unlimited.

Auszeichnung für WeberHaus Traumhauspreis
Dream Home Prize 2017

WeberHaus was on the podium not once but twice at the presentation of the coveted German Dream Home Prize 2017.
A total of 56 house manufacturers had entered with more than 130 house designs. The two dream homes by WeberHaus in the categories “Family homes“ and “Premium homes” received by far the most votes from the approximately 60,000 participants.

Ausstellungshaus Günzburg,, Deutscher Musterhauspreis
Show Home Prize 2017 from

With over 15,000 votes, users of the house building portal selected the WeberHaus show home at the exhibition in Günzburg as the most popular show home in the “Premium house“ category. The WeberHaus home won against heavy competition from 36 exhibition houses by a wide range of manufacturers.

Ausstellungshaus Wuppertal
WeberHaus wins the German Dream Home Prize

WeberHaus has won the German Dream Home Prize in the “PlusEnergie houses ”category. Nearly 60 house manufacturers took part in the contest for the coveted prizes, which were awarded by Europe’s biggest property magazine “BELLEVUE“, the “Wohnglück“ customer magazine of the Schwäbisch Hall building society, and the online property portal Immonet. The sponsor was once again the Federal Prefabricated Construction Association (BDF). Once again, this award confirms that WeberHaus is a pioneer in the field of PlusEnergie. The award-winning exhibition house in Wuppertal is the energy-efficient flagship of the WeberHaus PlusEnergie houses.

Zertifikat wohnmedizinisch empfohlen
“Medically recommended for residential use” rating for all WeberHaus homes

Since August 2016, we have been the first company whose outstanding room air quality has earned it the “medically recommended for residential use” certification. And this applies to all our houses!

This is because we not only satisfy the requirements for materials and workmanship but - out of conviction - we actually significantly exceed the standards. We monitor this through continuous measurements and tests, with confirmation by independent test centres and experts.

New administrative building

Thanks to the positive order situation, WeberHaus has continued to grow. To meet our increased space requirements, WeberHaus built a new administrative building in 2016, comprising three storeys plus a basement, with a total usable area of 1,800 m², in the energy efficiency class KfW 40 Plus.

WeberHaus-55 Jahre WeberHaus
55 years of sustainable innovation

In 2015, we will be celebrating our company's 55th anniversary.
For 55 years now, the WeberHaus company’s success has continued to be based on the three pillars of service, quality, and innovation. It was in 1960 that Hans Weber began to build his first prefabricated houses. Since then, WeberHaus has developed into a quality manufacturer and innovation driver for the sector.

Paar über Dokumenten - beide lächeln
Test winner

In a test of 11 prefabricated house manufacturers conducted by the Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien (German Society for Consumer Studies), WeberHaus came top in the overall study. The criteria focused on whether a comprehensive requirements analysis and complete consultation are conducted in an initial consultation. It also assessed the extent to which test customers were treated in a friendly and welcoming manner.

preis_holzbaupreis_symbol.tif, Auszeichnung Innungssieger,
WeberHaus sponsors the Holzbaupreis 2014

For Hans Weber, himself a carpenter, timber is a matter close to his heart.
Since his craft and the young people who learn it are so important to him, WeberHaus will from now on be sponsoring the Holzbaupreis (Timber Construction Prize) on a yearly basis.
The two endowed prizes will be awarded to the two best trainees of the Zimmerer-Innung Offenburg carpenters’ guild.

WeberHaus-Event allgemein
Business Award for Hans Weber

Hans Weber has been awarded the Business Award by the International Economic Forum Baden-Baden in recognition of his outstanding entrepreneurial achievements. The award above all honours Hans Weber’s visionary ideas that have made WeberHaus what it is today.

Haus generation.5.0 bei Nachtdämmerung
German Dream Home Prize

More than 30,000 readers of the magazines “BELLEVUE“ and “house and more“ and users of the online portals and have chosen the WeberHaus exhibition house in Cologne as the number 1 in the category BUSINESS CLASS. Hans Weber himself personally accepted the prize on 6 June.

Technology Cube

WeberHaus was awarded one of these coveted Cubes at the Great German Prefab House Prize (“Großer Deutscher Fertighauspreis”) ceremony. The independent jury of experts recognised the forward-looking generation5.0 house that incorporates the PlusEnergie concept, a smart house controller, and an integrated solar fuelling station.

Hans Weber Buch LebensTräume, Biografie

In his book, Hans Weber tells the story of WeberHaus from its inception in 1960 to the present day. Family, friends, companions and, of course, WeberHaus owners are also given a chance to have their say.

50 years of WeberHaus

In 2010, WeberHaus celebrates its 50th anniversary

“I look back with pride - after all it is not often that a company founder is able to celebrate such a momentous anniversary. Particularly as nobody really knew how to do things back in 1960, when I dared to become self-employed. So, of course, it is all the more satisfying that everything has gone so well. And yet, I still find the whole story pretty astounding. You have to realise that I had nothing apart from the will and 800 DM start-up capital,” says Hans Weber, talking about the beginnings of WeberHaus on the occasion of its 50-year anniversary.

CE label for WeberHaus

WeberHaus is to receive the EU CE label. With the CE symbol, WeberHaus homes can now be sold in any country within the European Economic Area with no need for further inspections. The CE label defines uniform standards, for instance, for health and safety, making it easier for consumers to compare products, whether they are in Germany, Spain or Ireland, for instance.

Schlüsselübergabe für Haus
Financing service

WeberHaus establishes its own financing company, WeberHaus Finanzierungsservice GmbH, and offers buyers initial and subsequent financing tailored to their house. The managing directors of the GmbH (private limited company) are Stefan Kreuter and Peter Liehner. WeberHaus Finanzierungsservice GmbH has its own employees, who work exclusively for this company.

Umweltpreis „Goldener Helios“
"Golden Helios“

WeberHaus is awarded the EnergieEffizienzAgentur's “Environment Award of the Electoral Palatinate” by the City of Heidelberg. The prize is in recognition of WeberHaus‘s constant striving towards improvements in energy-efficient construction.


WeberHaus wins the CRM award (1st place) for outstanding customer service after handover of the home.

The PlusEnergie house

With the PlusEnergie concept, WeberHaus has once again demonstrated its competence in environmentally compatible and energy-saving house construction. WeberHaus homes incorporating the PlusEnergie concept actually produce surplus energy. The new house is not a prototype but a marketable offer.

Musterhaus Außenansicht
T-Com House

The “T-Com House” project is opened in Berlin. The project partners are WeberHaus, T-Com, Siemens and Neckermann. The aim of the high-tech project was to create a smart house that adapts itself to the needs of its occupants with the aid of modern technology.

Architektenhaus Außenansicht
Architecture prize for the Option house concept

WeberHaus wins the architecture prize of the “Häuser“ magazine for its “Option” house concept.

Holzbaupreis Baden-Württemberg
Timber Construction Prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg

WeberHaus is awarded the Holzbaupreis (Timber Construction Prize) of the State of Baden-Württemberg, as well as the Ortenau special prize for its “Option” house concept.

Passivhaus WeberHaus
The passive house

WeberHaus builds the first passive house with direct heating and heat recovery. The WeberHaus passive house features particularly spectacular architecture. The barrel roof, bull’s eye at the front, protruding beams of the balcony, colour scheme, and large windows are all bravely and powerfully designed with an eye to the future. A house for people who like to try out new things but who also have an eye for quality and reliability. The layout is generously proportioned to house a family of four or five. This means it will have enough space whether its occupants are doing things together or individually.

Halle der Kreationen im Erlenpark in der World of Living
World of Living

WeberHaus officially opens the World of Living at its headquarters in Rheinau-Linx; it is Europe's first and so far only adventure park based on the theme of building and living. The history of how people live comes to life across the 75,000 m² site, more than 5,000 m² of which is covered exhibition and adventure space.

Auszeichnung für Övolution: Baden-Württemberg Internationar Design Award 1998
Design prize

WeberHaus wins the design prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg for its Övolution house concept.

Verleihung Goldene DM
“Goldene DM“ prize

WeberHaus wins the Goldene DM prize awarded by “DM“ magazine for its Övolution house concept, as the best product of 1997.

EUROSOLAR verleiht den Deutschen Solarpreis für Övolution an WeberHaus überreicht v. Hermann Scheer Präsident von EUROSOLAR 15. Nov. 1997
Eurosolar award

WeberHaus receives the Eurosolar award of the European Association for Renewable Energies for its Övolution house concept, (from left to right: Hans Weber, Hermann Scheer, Franz Alt)


Rainbow house design to mark Hans Weber's 60th birthday.

Null-Heizenergie-Haus; Photovoltaikanlage; PV-Anlage
Zero-heating-energy house

WeberHaus develops the first zero-heating-energy house in which hot water and electricity are produced from a solar energy system.

Toskana Toscana
Villa Toscana exhibition house in Mannheim

ParkLane exhibition house, based on the American model.

First Website

The company's first website - - goes online.

Urkunde, Umweltschutzpreis 1994 des Ortenaukreises
Environmental award

WeberHaus receives the Ortenau district environmental prize.

Musterhaus München Außenansicht
Barrier-free building

Europe's first exhibition house for barrier-free living is opened in the Munich Bauzentrum.

WeberHaus in Switzerland

WeberHaus opens its first branch in Kindhausen, Switzerland.

Denkerpreis Christiane Kersting DIB, Hans Weber, Ferdinand Gibus Stifter des Preises Voes-Alpine Stahl GmbH A-Linz
Thinker award

On 14 September 1991, WeberHaus receives the “Denkerpreis” (Thinker award) of the “Deutsches Institut für Betriebswirtschaft” (German Institute for Business Management) in Frankfurt for the best internal suggestion scheme. (from left to right: Christiane Kersting DIB, Hans Weber, Ferdinand Gibus: award founder, Voes-Alpine Stahl GmbH A-Linz)

From now on only low-energy homes

WeberHaus becomes the first house building company to implement low-energy construction as standard.


The administrative building is extended in April 1990.

Musterhaus Jena Außenansicht
New German states

The very first WeberHaus for the new German states is delivered to Jena.

Einfamilienhaus, 1 1/2 geschossig; Balkon, Gaube, frei geplant;
Trenta Nova – the house design for the 30-year anniversary

The celebration of the company’s 30-year anniversary held in Linx on 14-15 June was also attended by the staff from Wenden. The breakfast TV programme “RTL plus Frühstücksfernsehen“ is broadcast live from Linx on both days. In addition to the evening’s colourful entertainment, including performances by Bernd Clüver, Moonlight, Nicki and a big band, there was also a prize draw for the Trenta Nova jubilee house. Friedrich Geiler added a further artistic touch in the production halls.

Fuhrpark WeberHaus - LKW mit Anhänger
Better insulation

In 1990, WeberHaus homes are already fulfilling the requirements of the new thermal insulation regulations for 1995. Increased thermal insulation means lower consumption of heating fuels such as oil, gas, wood, pellets, etc, leading to lower costs and less environmental pollution.

Musterhaus Rheinau-Linx Außenansicht
Germany's biggest building company

for single-family and two-family homes. According to the “Zahlenspiegel” statistics 2/88 from “Das Hausbau-Magazin: bauen + Fertighaus“, WeberHaus is number one in the industry, with sales of 185 million DM.

Luftaufnahme Werk Wenden-Hünsborn
Ten years of WeberHaus in Wenden-Hünsborn

Not only is it possible to visit the recently inaugurated building owner centre with its 880 m² of exhibition space, but the exhibition houses and factory are also on view. Over a period of 10 years, 220 employees built 2,305 houses, with a total value of 500 million DM. Since the start, total investments of 28 million DM have gone into the factory and installations in Wenden-Hünsborn.

Bau Glockenstuhl Frankfurter Paulskirche
The belfry in the Frankfurt Paulskirche

The “Weber’sche Zimmerer-Ausbildungswerkstatt” carpenter training workshop carried out the order for the belfry in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt. It was made up of 26 x 26 and 26 x 35 cm thick oak beams, the production of which required 15 m3 of timber. A real piece of nostalgia for Hans Weber.

10.000 WeberHaus
The 10,000th WeberHaus home

WeberHaus has now delivered its 10,000th home, some 27 years after the company was first founded. This means that a total of 300,000 cubic metres of high-quality timber, 20 million roof tiles, and 120,000 windows have now found their way into WeberHaus homes. Not only that but 40,000 people have found a new home

Diamant Linx
First luxury villa

With the new “Diamant” exhibition house, the first luxury villa to be realised as a prefabricated construction, buyers are now being targeted who are willing to pay upwards of 600,000 DM for their new home.

Twenty-five Linx
25 years of WeberHaus

To mark its 25th anniversary, WeberHaus is giving its customers a new house: “Twenty-five” is going to be a top seller. WeberHaus presents a new house concept for modern living and building, with advanced architecture and unconventional cross-corner layouts.

Bauherrenzentrum in Linx
The first building owner centre

To mark its 25th anniversary, WeberHaus is giving its customers a new house: “Twenty-five” is going to be a top seller. WeberHaus presents a new house concept for modern living and building, with advanced architecture and unconventional cross-corner layouts.

Urkunde für beispielhafteLeistungen in der Berufsausbildung junger Menschen
Exemplary performance

German President Karl Carstens honours “exemplary performance in young people’s vocational training”.

Musterhaus Nürnberg Außenansicht
“Excellent” house design

The “bauen + Fertighaus“ magazine presents the “Excellent” house design with an oriel in the dining room and describes the course of the oriel as a model of exemplary, contemporary living.

Luftbild WeberHaus Werk Linx
New exterior wall

WeberHaus supplies an exterior wall with 75 percent more thermal insulation. Previously 16.5 cm, it is now 22 cm thick, while the thickness of the posts is now 14 cm instead of 8 cm.

Silotürme: 17.8.1981 zwei 24 m hohe Silotürme wurden aufgestellt. In den Silotürmen sollen in Zukunft Holzabfälle als Heizenergie gespeichert werden, welche automatisch der Kesselanlage zugeführt werden. Ein Riesenkran mußte eingesetzt werden, um di
Utilisation of timber waste

In future, waste timber will be stored in two 24-metre-high silos and used to produce heat for the boiler system.

Fuhrpark WeberHaus vor Werkshallen - schwarz/weiß

For the first time, WeberHaus produces more than 1,000 houses in a single year.

Auszubildende vor der Lehrwerkstatt, die 1979 eingeweiht wurde
Official apprentice workshop

In June 1979, WeberHaus opens an official apprentice workshop in Linx.

Bau Werk Wenden
New site

WeberHaus builds a second production site in Wenden-Hünsborn (North Rhine-Westphalia) to establish a presence for customers in northern Germany.

Ausstellungshaus Wenden-Hünsborn
5 new exhibition houses

WeberHaus opens five new exhibition houses in Wenden-Hünsborn.

Ausstellungshaus Wenden-Hünsborn
Record sales

WeberHaus exceeds the magic limit of 100 million DM in sales.

Luftbild Werk in Linx
The factory in Rheinau-Linx
1000 WeberHaus
The 1000th WeberHaus home is built.
Hausaustellung in Linx mit Entwurf 700, 420 und 200
15 years of WeberHaus

Prefab house centre in Linx opens on 28-29 June 1975.

200 V Eröffnung am 13.03.1975. 200 /V mit eingebauter Loggia im DG und überdachter Terrasse. Wohnfl.: EG ca 109 m² DG ca. 56 m² ab DM 109.000,-- ab OK zuzügl. Dachgeschoßausbau
Four new exhibition houses

WeberHaus opens four exhibition houses in Linx.

Werksgelände WeberHaus
New factory hall for Linx

The old production hall gives way to a new one, in which two houses can be built in a day on an area of 6,500 m². It is officially commissioned on 28 September 1973.

Bau des 1. Verwaltungsgebäudes
First administrative building

The first administrative building is built.

Betriebsgelände 1964 1972 wurde das Gebäude abgerissen und eine neue Werkshalle gebaut
First factory halls

Hans Weber acquires a licence for prefabricated houses. From now on, only the company’s own houses will be built.

Hausaufbau - Kundenhaus Reimling Griesheim

The first WeberHaus is delivered abroad. The assembly site is in France.


to the present operating premises.

Hotel Waldeck in Altglashütten
The first major building project:

Hotel Waldeck in Altglashütten

Kundenhaus Düll
The first houses

The first three prefabricated houses are built.

Gründung des Unternehmens WeberHaus
Founding of the company

Hans Weber takes over a two-man carpentry business in Rheinau-Linx (Baden-Württemberg) and founds the WeberHaus company.