Our building families can rely on this

People wanting to fulfil their dream of home ownership wish for one thing above all: security. Security in compliance with the costs, security in the quality and services of the building partner and security in the scheduling of the work. WeberHaus – as a family-run building partner with 60 years of experience – offers families building their own home all these aspects of security in a unique all-round feel-good package. From the 18-month fixed price guarantee without hidden extra costs, to transparent and expert advice at all times, to certified quality and energy efficiency of the sustainable timber houses.

The renowned CrefoZert certificate of creditworthiness provides even more security for building owners. It certifies that companies have an exceptionally good credit rating and confirms to those interested in building that they are dealing with a reliable and solid contractual partner.


Your additional security with WeberHaus

  • 18-month fixed price guarantee
  • Secure supply chains thanks to long-standing partners
  • All trades from a single source, optimally coordinated with each other.
  • Certified quality and multiple awards for healthy living
  • Top in energy efficiency, sustainable construction and value for money
  • Family-run house building partner with 60 years of experience
  • The CrefoZert certificate of creditworthiness guarantees the impeccable credit standing of the building partner
  • Energy-efficient home ownership from WeberHaus

How to keep a grip on costs

Security thanks to 18-month fixed price guarantee

For many people, building their own home is the ultimate life decision. And what nobody needs here is uncertainty. That’s why everything should fit together – from the quality of the house to the financing to the agreed costs.

Here, the 18-months fixed guarantee from WeberHaus provides a big plus in terms of security. In practice, for building owners this means that the price for your WeberHaus is guaranteed for 18 months – without additional hidden costs. And that still applies even if, for example, timber prices have significantly increased during this period. Building owners thereby benefit from the long-standing, fair and sustainable collaboration between suppliers and WeberHaus. The advantage for building owners : you always have control over your budget and can plan your house building with security.

Low energy costs thanks to optimal technology

Security in house building also means being able to rely on permanently low energy costs. WeberHaus therefore already equips each of its houses with the Home4Future innovation concept as standard.

The basis for the excellent energy efficiency is the highly insulated ÖvoNatur Therm, building envelope, which also ensures a cosy indoor climate throughout the house. Other Home4Future components include an  intelligent heating and ventilation system, an efficient photovoltaic system plus battery storage and a  smart home automation system. Taken together, all components provide excellent energy efficiency and low energy costs.

Everything from a single source – from an experienced prefabricated house manufacturer

In its 60-year company history WeberHaus has built more than 40,000 houses. Whether it is detached, a bungalow or a luxury villa – the motto of the family business is: “We build every house as if it were our own.” Every residential building is correspondingly innovative, high-quality and sustainable. And what is more, a WeberHaus is always guaranteed to be “made in Germany”. That is because the ecological prefabricated houses are produced from a mix of traditional craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing technology at our sites in Rheinau-Linx (Baden) and Wenden-Hünsborn (Sauerland).

WeberHaus are also feeling the effects of the global supply bottlenecks. Nevertheless, thanks to long-standing and trusted customer-supplier relationships, the company is able to guarantee the supply for production even in the event of bottlenecks. The situation is somewhat more difficult with some components and materials which are installed on the construction sites. This may occasionally lead to delays.

Whether it is a bungalow or detached family house, with or without granny annexe, apartment house or luxury villa: WeberHaus offers more than the prefabricated house of your dreams. That’s because our building consultants in the building forums in the region can help you with almost any question relating to your building project, whether you are looking for the right site or have questions about the ideal floor plan. WeberHaus building owners even receive expert support in financing topics and state funding opportunities. The same applies to the programming of all trades during the construction phase, the fit-out of your Weber house and individual requirements. That’s what we mean by the all-round feel-good package.

Quality and performance – that’s what WeberHaus has stood for for over 60 years. No hidden extra costs, no unpleasant surprises after completion of the service contract. Instead, a wide range of services and top equipment even as standard. So in addition to the highly insulated  ÖvoNatur Therm building envelope, triple-glazed windows, a front door with 9-point locking, the WeberLogic 2.0 smart home control system, a photovoltaic system with battery storage and the fresh-air heating technology are already included as standard. And that’s a promise!

Proven quality that you can rely on

Seals of quality and approval can provide a helpful guide when it comes to the major decision to find the right house building partner. Here you will find an overview of the most important certificates and quality seals.

CrefoZert Bonitätszertifikat für WeberHaus 2023
The Creditreform credit reference agency has again confirmed the excellent financial position of WeberHaus and awarded it the CrefoZert certificate of creditworthiness. The certificate of creditworthiness, which currently only two per cent of German companies are entitled to carry, helps building owners in the selection of economically sound and solid partners for house building.
Kinder Model Personen allgemein
“Highest customer satisfaction”
For the second time in a row, Focus-Money and ServiceValue have awarded WeberHaus with the “highest customer satisfaction” (10/2021 edition). A total of 279,419 assessments of 1,418 companies and brands from 67 sectors were analysed.
The “Blue Angel”
The ÖvoNatur engineered wood panel and the mineral-based thermal insulation are awarded with the "Blue Angel" for special environmental compatibility.
TÜV Rheinland
Tested by TÜV Rheinland and awarded the certification for “healthier building and regular monitoring”, all our houses meet demanding requirements, which go far beyond the statutory regulations.
Medically recommended for residential use
Since August 2016, we are the first company to receive the "medically recommended for residential use" certification for all of its homes, thanks to its outstanding indoor air quality.
Sentinel Haus Institut
Sentinel Holding Institut
We build verifiably health-tested houses that meet the highest standards. After a stringent inspection process, the renowned Sentinel Holding Institut has awarded us with the “Building Company for Healthier Buildings” certification.