We’ll build your home as if it were our own.

Since 1960, our prefab houses have been known for their quality and sustainability. Houses where people will feel at ease. From the very first day they move in. Our philosophy is based on the idea of sustainability, which is an integral concept of WeberHaus homes and one that is an important aspect of all our employees’ daily lives.

We take our responsibility for people, nature and the environment seriously. The principles on which we build are honesty and dedication. Whether you desire a bungalow, a single-family house or a luxury villa, we will build your house with the greatest of care and maximum dedication.

This is our promise.

Heidi Weber-Mühleck and Hans Weber, Managing Partners

Sustainable use of resources

Für unsere Materialien und für unsere Bauweise haben Qualitätsvorgaben höchste Priorität. Ein schonender und nachhaltiger Umgang mit natürlichen Ressourcen ist daher ebenso selbstverständlich wie der Einsatz von ökologischen und wohngesunden Materialien. Energieeffizienz und moderne Haustechnik sind die innovativen und zukunftsträchtigen Grundlagen eines jeden Weber-Hauses.

Our fundamental values

Every one of our employees contributes their skill, commitment, and creativity to ensure that your house is built with a maximum degree of quality and an enhanced sense of worth. Their identification with WeberHaus is based on an evolved set of fundamental values, which has guided us for decades as a responsible family-owned company. And this is something that you will sense in every corner of your home. For us this means living the future. We hope that we will one day be able to assist you in building your house.



Build securely with WeberHaus

Building a dream house requires a reliable building partner. WeberHaus offers a major plus in terms of security: from the fixed price guarantee to certified quality, comprehensive advice and an excellent corporate credit rating.

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