Building the future with Home4Future as standard

A milestone in house construction, we fit all our houses with Home4Future as standard, for permanently low energy costs and smart living comfort. This innovative concept ensures futureproof living and creates the conditions for outstanding energy efficiency, and in turn, low energy costs.

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Home4Future: More
benefits right from the start!

  • High-insulation building envelope

  • Smart heat and ventilation technology

  • Efficient photovoltaic system

  • Economic storage system

  • Smart house control

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ÖvoNatur Therm. Natural insulation

ÖvoNatur Therm employs sustainable materials that actively help protect the environment. With a layered structure modelled on nature, the ecological building envelope in the walls and roof shields against heat, cold and noise. Made from natural materials and demonstrated in tests to be compatible with health and the environment, it creates an excellent indoor climate. With its high insulation properties, it forms the basis of your WeberHaus home’s outstanding energy efficiency.

To ÖvoNatur Therm 

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Using clean solar energy

The powerful combination of a photovoltaic system and storage unit provides you with secure sustainable electricity for your futureproof home. Not only does this reduce your CO2 footprint, but you will also enjoy independence from energy providers.

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Enjoy pure comfort

With your smart home, saving energy goes hand in hand with increasing your living comfort, thanks to an efficient fresh air heating system and smart house controller. It not only makes ecological sense, but is also delightfully comfortable.