The efficient variety in your WeberHaus

Energy efficiency and comfort are perfectly harmonised in every home. This is the only way to guarantee the greatest benefit for people and the environment. With the optimum combination of innovative heating technology and intelligent building technology, you save money through lower energy costs - and protect the environment.
Your individual wishes, needs and possibilities determine the approach. For example, do allergy sufferers live in your household? Which heat pump offers advantages for you? How can a home control system provide you with useful support? By carefully selecting our technical components, we can find the ideal combination for every scenario.
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Musterhaus Frechen Außenansicht
Electricity from solar energy: At WeberHaus, the photovoltaic system and the electricity storage unit are standard. This allows you not only to supply your own home with clean energy, but also to top up your electricity storage unit when there is a surplus - making you less dependent on your electricity supplier.
Fresh air heating technology
At WeberHaus, healthy living is both an incentive and a responsibility. The fresh air heating technology is an important component here, as it combines controlled ventilation with heat recovery in addition to heating and hot water. In addition to heating and hot water, it also combines controlled ventilation and extraction with heat recovery.
Batteriespeicher SENEC
Electricity storage unit
Innovative energy storage systems have been used in Weber homes since 2011. Today, they are even standard. As the solar yields of the day are usually time-delayed to your electricity consumption. With an electricity storage system, you can harmonise the two - according to your wishes and ideas.
Luft-Wasser-Wärmepumpe mit Lüftung - Tecalor, Milieu, THZ, 504
Air-to-water heat pump with ventilation
The air-to-water heat pump utilises the natural energy source air to generate both heat and hot water. This makes it particularly efficient: up to 90 per cent of the heat is recovered during ventilation. The heat pump optimises its energy efficiency with underfloor heating with low flow temperatures.
Tecalor Luft-Wasser-wärmepumpe TTL außenaufstellungTTL 15/25 A
Air-to-water heat pump
Utilising this heat source is very simple, as outside air is freely available everywhere. Heat pumps generate electricity by extracting heat from their surroundings. Even at outside temperatures of around 0 °C, the units provide sufficiently high flow temperatures that can be used for both heating and hot water preparation.
Musterhaus Rheinau-Linx Innenansicht
Natural gas and solar technology
In the right combination, this conventional combined solution can be quite economical. The first-class ÖvoNatur Therm building envelope, which WeberHaus uses as standard, makes modern gas condensing boiler technology in combination with solar technology a favourable energy supply option.
Holzpellets in Händen
Heating with wood pellets
Clean energy from the renewable raw material wood - the ecological and effective principle is as simple as that. Pellets made from wood chips and sawdust are a natural fuel that provides energy for hot water and heating. The perfect addition: a solar heating system for hot water preparation or to support the heating system.

Intelligente Haustechnik für höchste Effizienz und Sicherheit

Die Zukunft ist smart – ein WeberHaus ist es schon heute. Denn mithilfe intelligenter Haustechnik lässt sich nicht nur das Beste aus regenerativen Energiequellen herausholen. Auch Komfort und Sicherheit verbessern sich maßgeblich. Deshalb ist unsere Smart-Home-Technologie WeberLogic 2.0 von Anfang an im Standard enthalten – inklusive zeitgesteuerter Rollladen- und Jalousienbedienung, Alles-aus-Schalter an der Haustür und Panikschalter im Schlafzimmer, um alle Lichter einzuschalten und die Rollläden hochzufahren.

Dabei lässt sich die Basisausstattung selbstverständlich mit vielen weiteren Optionen ergänzen. Lernen Sie hier die ganze Bandbreite der Möglichkeiten kennen und entscheiden Sie selbst, wie Ihr nächster Schritt in die Zukunft aussehen könnte.