Building with wood: The building shell for your WeberHaus

ÖvoNatur Therm: ecological and energy-efficient

A indoor climate in which you feel completely comfortable - day and night, in every season. For healthier living and energy efficiency. And an indoor air quality that far exceeds legal requirements. The ÖvoNatur Therm building envelope from WeberHaus makes it possible. The renewable and ecological building material wood is the basis of this highly insulating building envelope and thus of every Weber house.

The new standard in prefabricated house construction

When you build with WeberHaus, you can sit back and relax: All our prefabricated timber houses score with excellent energy values and a primary energy requirement that is far better than the current legal requirements for new builds.

In terms of energy, the highly insulating ÖvoNatur Therm external wall is many years ahead of the legal requirements.“

Siegfried Lettko

Product Manager at WeberHaus

Eckverglasung mit integrierter Fenstersitzbank

A perfect climate: cosiness throughout the house

Whether you feel comfortable at home is a question of atmosphere. And this is less about the furnishings and more about the living climate. This is precisely where the ÖvoNatur Therm building shell really shows its strengths. Because with its high heat storage capacity and low thermal conductivity, the wood fibre insulation ensures pleasantly warm rooms. At any time of year.

What are the advantages of the WeberHaus building envelope?

  • Wood as a renewable raw material

  • Summer heat protection

  • Thermal insulation in winter

  • Comfortable living climate

  • Healthier indoor air

  • High sound insulation

  • Active moisture regulation

  • Excellent fire protection

  • Outstanding energy balance

Warm rooms in winter

The excellent insulation properties keep the cosy warmth inside the house. The big plus: not only the air, but also the walls are pleasantly warm in a WeberHaus. This small difference between the room temperature and the room surface temperature increases the cosiness of the home enormously.

Pleasantly cool in summer

The big plus: the wall and roof structure with wood fibre insulation ensures that the thermal energy absorbed by them is stored for longer and only transferred to the interior rooms to a small extent. This keeps the rooms in the entire house pleasantly cool - even under the roof.

Wald im Herbst mit Blättern am Boden und Sonnenstrahlen durch die Blätter

Our contribution to the environment and health.

The ÖvoNatur Therm ecological building envelope actively contributes to protecting the environment by using sustainable materials. With its outstanding insulating properties, it lays the foundation for high energy efficiency and its CO2 footprint. Made from natural materials and tested for environmental and health compatibility, it ensures an excellent indoor climate and certified healthy living throughout the house.

More about healthy living

Holzstapel auf einer Wiese
Utilising renewable raw materials
The German forestry industry only needs 23 seconds to produce wood for a prefabricated house with 140 square metres of living space.
Building ecologically and sustainably
As a climate-neutral building material, wood ensures sustainable living comfort and a pleasant feel-good climate in our homes. That's why we support the "Holz rettet Klima" (Wood saves the climate) initiative.
Holzstämme gestapelt
Reducing harmful emissions
Where wood replaces other building materials that require more energy, Germany saves 57 million tonnes of CO2.
(Thünen-Institut, Bundesoberbehörde)
Gebäudehülle ÖvoNatur Therm WeberHaus

A masterpiece in prefabricated house construction

From effective protection against heat, cold, noise and fire to active moisture regulation and the high load-bearing capacity of the walls, the advantages of the premium building envelope are manifold. 

ÖvoNatur Therm: Numbers that count

  • Wall thickness: 395 mm
  • Wood fibre insulation board: 100 mm
  • Thermal insulation: U = 0.11W/m²K (0.10 W/m²K in the cavity)
  • Fire protection: REI 90 from the outside, REI 30 from the inside
  • Sound insulation: RW ≥51 dB

ÖvoNatur Therm:

Certified multiple times, simply excellent

The "Blue Angel"

The ÖvoNatur wood-based panel and the mineral thermal insulation have been awarded the "Blue Angel" for special environmental friendliness.

TÜV Rheinland

Tested by TÜV Rheinland and awarded certification for "healthier building and regular monitoring", all our houses fulfil demanding requirements that go far beyond statutory regulations.

Clinically recommended

Since August 2016, we have been the first company to be awarded the "recommended for healthy housing" certification for all our homes thanks to their outstanding indoor air quality.

Sentinel Holding Institut

We build verifiably health-tested homes that meet the highest standards. Following a rigorous testing process, the renowned Sentinel Holding Institut has awarded us the "Construction company for healthier buildings" certification.

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