Maximum quality as a yardstick

WeberHaus: Your award-winning house-building partner

Seals of quality and approval can provide a helpful guide when it comes to the major decision to find the right house building partner. Which is why we have made consistent quality management integral to our company philosophy. Here you can find an overview of all the certifications that WeberHaus has earned as a company as well as the construction materials we use. However, it is the trust of over 40,000 thrilled owner families that remains the most important proof of our quality.

Certified by the Sentinel Haus Institut

As the leading engineering service provider for healthy building, renovation and refurbishment, the Sentinel Haus Institut (SHI) conducts room air measurements to detect VOCs and formaldehyde in WeberHaus homes. In 2020, WeberHaus was certified by SHI 2020 as a “Construction company for healthier buildings“.

Outstanding financial stability

ZIn 2023, WeberHaus was awarded the distinguished CrefoZert certificate for the thirteenth time. This confirms the family-run company’s outstanding credit rating, financial strength and secure future. Creditreform subjected WeberHaus to intense testing, covering such aspects as bankruptcy risk and financial solvency. The result was that the prefab house manufacturer passed all the tests. Only around two percent of German companies possess this prestigious distinction.

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Gold at House of the Year 2024
The Schneemann family's 80 square metre customer house won gold in the "Small & Fine" category of the Family Home competition. A maximum living space of 125 square metres was the requirement for this category.
3rd place as House of the Year 2023
The luxury villa, designed by architect Nick Blunt, achieved 3rd place in the "Timber Construction" category in the readers' poll of the magazine "Das Einfamilienhaus". Blunt demonstrates how craftsmanship and high-tech can unite in a unique way to create architectural excellence.
Luxusvilla - Ausstellungshaus Villa Blunt gewinnt den Deutschen Traumhauspreis 2021
Golden Cube 2023
WeberHaus received 2 awards at the "Golden Cube - The Great German Prefabricated House Award" ceremony. The second prize in the "New Villa Design" category was awarded to our luxurious villa. WeberHaus came third in the "Homes 4 Future" jury prize with the Roder family's multi-generation house.
Ein WeberHaus gewinnt Wettbewerb Klimahaus Baden-Württemberg
Baden-Württemberg Climate House
This WeberHaus won the "Baden-Württemberg Climate house" competition. The Climate House label is awarded to particularly energy-efficient residential buildings. The proud homeowners built their home with WeberHaus in 2021. The energy concept of their new build was particularly important to them right from the start
FamilyHome Haus des Jahres 2023 - Kategorie: Effizienzhaus - Kundenhaus Meinert - WeberHaus
Silver at House of the Year 2023
We won silver with this customer house in the "House of the Year 2023" competition organised by the publisher Family Home. It won in the "Efficiency House" category. The detached house has a photovoltaic system with battery storage and fresh air heating technology, just like all our houses as standard.
FamilyHome Haus des Jahres 2023 - Hausbau Design Award 2022 - Landhäuser - Kappel-Grafenhausen - WeberHaus
Silver at House of the Year 2023
The show home in Kappel-Grafenhausen has won silver in the "House of the Year 2023" competition organised by Family Home in the "Ecology" category. This is the third award for the urban villa.
Blühstreifen-Initiative von WeberHaus
Honoured for sustainable commitment
WeberHaus impresses customers in the "prefabricated house provider" sector with its special commitment and receives the "very strong" award in the "Sustainable commitment" study by Focus Money with Deutschland Test. And ServiceValue.
3rd place in prize favourites 2023
WirtschaftsWoche, together with ServiceValue, has dedicated itself for the first time to the "Price favourites 2023" ranking. In the "Prefabricated house providers" sector, WeberHaus was honoured with the "Very highly recommended" distinction.
Luftaufnahme der Photovoltaik Anlage in Rheinau-Linx
Corporate responsibility
Germany's leading news channel WELT and ServiceValue award WeberHaus the rating "very high responsibility" in the "prefabricated house provider" sector. In the study, managers gave their assessment of the corporate responsibility of 1,969 German companies from 134 sectors in more than 171,000 judgements.
CrefoZert Bonitätszertifikat für WeberHaus 2023
CrefoZert - Creditworthiness certificate 2023
With the CrefoZert, WeberHaus' creditworthiness has once again been verified by an independent organisation. WeberHaus is one of the German companies with an exceptionally good credit rating - and has been for years. This demonstrates stability and security and makes it clear to builders and those interested in building that they can trust WeberHaus completely.
Ehrenpreis für WeberHaus
Baden Entrepreneur Award
At the Baden Entrepreneur Award ceremony, Hans Weber was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award. His daughter Heidi Weber-Mühleck accepted the award.
2nd place at the Hausbau Design Award 2022
Out of more than 21,000 participants in the Hausbau Design Award 2022, our customer house "Cadieux" received 24% of the votes and thus took 2nd place in the "Bungalows" category.
Luxusvilla - Ausstellungshaus Villa Blunt wurde bei Deutschland Favorit ausgezeichnet
Luxury villa is "Germany's favourite 2023"
The luxurious exhibition home in the World of Living won the "Germany's Favourite 2023" award in the "House and Garden" category. In a representative survey, it impressed both readers and the expert panel of Süddeutscher Verlag and Statista.
Bauberatung - WeberHaus ist Beratungskönig
WeberHaus is the consulting king
WeberHaus endeavours to provide transparent and honest building advice. BILD and Servicevalue have now honoured the "very high quality of advice" in their study "Germany's consulting kings".
attraktive Ausbildung bei WeberHaus
Attractive apprenticeship at WeberHaus
WeberHaus is recognised as "highly attractive" in the study "Germany's best training companies" by Die WELT and ServiceValue.
Ausstellungshaus FertighausWelt Schwarzwald
The best product quality
The product quality of WeberHaus was recognised as "outstanding" by Deutschland Test and ServiceValue. In the study, more than 1,000 companies were assessed on the basis of customer judgements.
Verbraucherstudie Focus Money und ServiceValue Anbieter rund um Haus und Garten - WeberHaus „sehr gut“
Around the house
In their consumer study, Focus Money and ServiceValue analysed home and garden providers that particularly satisfy their customers. WeberHaus was awarded "very good".
Sentinel Haus Institut
Certificate: Specialist company for healthier building and sanitation
This certification qualifies WeberHaus GmbH & Co KG to build healthier buildings according to the criteria of the Sentinel Haus Institut.
5 von 5 Sternen beim Fertighauskompass
Another 5 out of 5 stars at the prefabricated house compass
WeberHaus has once again achieved five out of five stars in the "Prefabricated House Compass" study conducted by the business magazine Capital (issue 09/2021).
This makes the family-run company one of the "top manufacturers" in the industry. The areas of information & service, contract & law, healthy living and building quality & control were analysed.
Made in Baden Awards 2021 - Preisverleihung
„Made in Baden“-Award for Hans Weber
The "Badische Wirtschaft / Made in Baden" initiative honours Baden entrepreneurs for their life's work with its award. Hans Weber was honoured by former IHK President Bernd Bechtold. In particular, he described Hans Weber's pioneering spirit and emphasised his social commitment.
Beratung Ausstattungsbereich Armaturen in der Halle der Kreationen
"Highest expertise" for WeberHaus
In a consumer study by Focus-Money (issue 22/2021) and ServiceValue on the competence level of companies, WeberHaus was awarded "highest competence" and is thus well above the industry average in terms of quality and ability to act.
Wald im Herbst mit Blättern am Boden und Sonnenstrahlen
Germany's eco-king 2021
In the study "Germany's Eco King 2021" by BILD and ServiceValue, WeberHaus was recognised as "particularly sustainable". More than 285,000 consumers were surveyed on almost 1,000 companies and brands from 70 sectors.
glückliche Bauherrenfamilie
WeberHaus is one of "Germany's favourites 2021"
ServiceValue and BILD determined the Germans' favourite providers from 163 sectors in the "Germany's favourites 2021" ranking. WeberHaus was recognised as having "very high overall satisfaction".
1,5 geschossiges Haus
Most likeable prefabricated house manufacturer
In the study "Der Private Baumarkt" by market research company Ipsos, WeberHaus came first in four categories - in "brand awareness", "brand sympathy", "brand opportunity" and "recommendation", WeberHaus impressed the 1,000 people surveyed.
Scheckübergabe, Spende, Jubiläum, Wenden-Hünsborn, Spendenscheck, v.l. : Valeska Hofmann und Isabell Brüser - Kindergarten Arche Noah Bianca Eich - Kindergarten Unter´m Regenbogen.
Sustainable Engagement Focus 2021
In the "Sustainable Commitment" study conducted by Focus and ServiceValue, WeberHaus was rated "very strong" from a consumer perspective (issue 11/2021). Sustainable behaviour in economic, ecological and social areas was evaluated.
glückliche Familie - Vater mit Tochter auf den Schultern
"Highest customer satisfaction in 2021"
For the second time in a row, WeberHaus was awarded "Highest Customer Satisfaction" by Focus-Money and ServiceValue (issue 10/2021). A total of 279,419 judgements on 1,418 companies and brands from 67 sectors were evaluated.
Auszeichnung für höchste Innovationskraft 2021
Award for highest innovative strength 2021
In the survey conducted by the information channel Welt and the analysis institute ServiceValue, 220,000 managers' judgements on the innovative ability of 2,337 companies were assessed. In the ranking (February 2021) of prefabricated house providers, WeberHaus is No. 1 in its sector for the second time!
Silber beim SmartHome Deutschland Award 2020
Double silver in the House of the Year readers' poll
Two show homes have been honoured by the readers of FamilyHome in the House of the Year awards: The generation5.5 in Wenden was honoured in the "Smart House" category.
Gold beim Deutschen Traumhauspreis 2020
Double silver in the House of the Year readers' poll
Two show homes were honoured by the readers of FamilyHome in the House of the Year awards: In the "Efficiency House" category, the sunshine 220 in the World of Living made it onto the podium.
Silber beim Musterhauspreis 2020
Silver at the Model House Award 2020
The CityLife 700 in the World of Living was honoured by at the Musterhauspreis 2020 and achieved silver in the "Premium Houses" category.
Silber beim SmartHome Deutschland Award 2020
Silver at the SmartHome Germany Award 2020
Another award for the sunshine show home: The latest honour is the SmartHome Germany Award, which is presented by the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e. V.. WeberHaus took second place in the "Best realised project" category with the sunshine.
Gold beim Deutschen Traumhauspreis 2020
Gold at the German Dream House Award 2020
WeberHaus wins gold at the German Dream House Award 2020 for its sunshine exhibition house. The single-family home impressed the jury in the "Smart Home" category and was able to beat numerous house suppliers. The show home was also awarded silver in the "Plus Energy Houses" category.
Service und Beratung in Bauforum von WeberHaus
Gold beim Service-Champion 2020
In the "Service Champions" ranking, WeberHaus achieved gold among prefabricated house providers for the sixth time in a row in 2020. The broad-based study by ServiceValue and DIE WELT systematically analyses the service quality of German companies based on customer ratings.
Erster Platz beim Großen Deutschen Fertighauspreis 2020
First place at the Great German Prefabricated House Award 2020
WeberHaus has won twice at the 2020 German Prefabricated House Awards with its sunshine exhibition house: In addition to first place in the "Smart Design" category, it was also honoured with third place in the "Green Design" category.
Sentinel Haus Institut - Familien auf Couch
OSB board tested for harmful substances
The OSB board in the Weber houses is tested for harmful substances in accordance with the criteria catalogue of the Sentinel Haus Institute for Healthier Building, Renovation and Living.
Höchste Kundenzufriedenheit - FOCUS Money
"Highest customer satisfaction 2020"
WeberHaus was awarded the title of "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2020" by Focus-Money and ServiceValue (issue 10/2020). In the previous study, 274,384 consumers were surveyed on 1,341 companies and brands from 61 sectors.
Silber beim SmartHome Award 2019
Silver at the SmartHome Award 2019
At the SmartHome Award 2019, the generation5.5 show home in Wenden took second place in the "Best realised project" category. WeberHaus was the only house manufacturer to be honoured with the coveted prize, which is awarded annually by the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland
Frau sieht auf Smartphone und lächelt
WeberHaus is Digital-Champion
The award presented by DIE WELT and ServiceValue in 06/2019 confirms that WeberHaus' digital customer proximity is clearly noticeable and certifies its strong presence in social media. The independent study analysed a total of 144 sectors and assessed the digital customer proximity perceived by consumers.
Scheckübergabe, Spende, Jubiläum, Wenden-Hünsborn, Spendenscheck, v.l. : Valeska Hofmann und Isabell Brüser - Kindergarten Arche Noah Bianca Eich - Kindergarten Unter´m Regenbogen.
Sustainable Engagement Focus 2019
In a study commissioned by Focus-Money, WeberHaus was honoured with the "Sustainable commitment: strong" award (issue 12/2019). Sustainable behaviour in the economic, ecological and social areas was assessed.
WeberHaus is the 2019 brand champion
For the third time in a row, WeberHaus was named brand champion by DIE WELT and ServiceValue, making it the best in the industry once again in 2019 (issue of 15 August 2019). The brand enthusiasm of over 2,300 companies was analysed based on customer ratings
Zweimal Silber bei Haus des Jahres 2019
Two silver awards at House of the Year 2019
Two Weber houses have been awarded silver in the House of the Year 2019 by the trade magazine FamilyHome. Our customer house won in the "Efficiency House" category, while the exhibition house in Rheinau-Linx was honoured in the "Smart House" category.
Beratung Ausstattungsbereich Armaturen in der Halle der Kreationen
"Highest expertise" for WeberHaus
In the study based on a customer survey by Focus-Money (issue 25/2019) and ServiceValue on the competence level of companies, WeberHaus took first place in its sector. The family-run company thus achieved the "highest level of expertise" award among prefabricated house providers.
Gold für das Kundenhaus Hetz 2019
Gold for the Hetz customer house 2019
Lors de l'élection des maisons des lecteurs du magazine Der Bauherr - Das große Hausbaumagazin (numéro 08/2018), notre maison WeberHaus s'est imposée dans la catégorie "maisons de luxe".
Auszeichnung für höchste Innovationskraft 2021
Award for highest innovative strength 2019
In the survey conducted by the information channel Welt, 30,000 German managers assessed the innovative capacity of 2,867 companies. In the ranking (February 2019) of prefabricated house providers, WeberHaus is No. 1 in its sector!
Customer favourite 2019 - most popular brand
In the "Germany's Customer Favourites 2019" survey conducted by DEUTSCHLAND TEST in cooperation with Focus-Money (issue 22/2019), 20,000 brands from 250 sectors were scrutinised and assessed according to their popularity among consumers. WeberHaus achieved 100 points and was therefore awarded "Gold".
1,5 geschossiges Haus
Product-Champions 2019
WeberHaus was named Product Champion 2019! In the survey commissioned by DIE WELT, WeberHaus was voted first place in the prefabricated house supplier sector. The ranking is based on customer ratings of product quality.
Service und Beratung in Bauforum von WeberHaus
Best customer service 2019 study
In the major Handelsblatt ranking (June 2019), WeberHaus is in the top group of prefabricated house providers. The study conducted by ServiceValue shows that personal advice is still important in digitalised times.
Familie Hans Weber sitzend auf dem Sofa
Most popular family company 2019
WeberHaus is one of the most popular family-run companies in Baden-Württemberg. This was the result of a large-scale study by DEUTSCHLAND TEST, Focus-Money and ServiceValue (issue 07/2019).
vorgeplantes, WeberHaus, sunshine 310
5 out of 5 stars at "House Compass"
In the latest "Haus-Kompass" study by business magazine Capital (issue 06/2019), WeberHaus achieved the highest score of five out of five stars, making it one of the "top manufacturers". The areas analysed were Information & Service, Contract & Law, Healthy Living and Building Quality & Control.
frei geplantes Architektenhaus im Bauhausstil
5 stars at "Prefabricated House Compass 2018"
WeberHaus achieves five out of five stars in the "Prefabricated House Compass" study conducted by the business magazine Capital. The prefabricated house manufacturer achieved the highest score in the "Contract and Law" category. This was due to the consistent implementation of the building law that has been in force since January 2018 and the transparent information provided to customers about their rights.
glückliche Familie - Vater mit Tochter auf den Schultern
Award winner 2018
In the "Price Winner" study by Focus and DEUTSCHLAND TEST, 3,000 companies were analysed for their price-performance ratio. WeberHaus was awarded "Silver" in its sector.
Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2018
German Dream House Award 2018
WeberHaus takes first place in the German Dream House Award 2018 with its Leclerc customer home in the "Country Houses" category. The coveted prize is awarded by Europe's largest property magazine BELLEVUE and the customer magazine of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall Wohnglück.
Golden Cube für WeberHaus in Günzburg
First place at the "Großer Deutscher Fertighauspreis 2018"
The WeberHaus model house ‘Günzburg’ achieves the first place at the "Großer Deutscher Fertighauspreis 2018 - Golden Cube" (Great German Prefabricated House Award 2018) in the category "Universal Design". The jury's explanation for the decision was the excellent house concept for cross-generational living.
Service und Beratung in Bauforum von WeberHaus
Service-Champion 2018
n the broad-based customer survey "Service Champions", WeberHaus takes first place among prefabricated house providers for the fourth time in a row. The survey conducted by ServiceValue and DIE WELT systematically analyses the service quality of German companies from the customer's perspective.
Note „Exzellent“ im „Nachhaltigen Bauen“
WeberHaus received excellent grading in Sustainable Building certificate
State Secretary Florian Pronold of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) presented WeberHaus with the certification with the top mark of 1.5 - excellent - at the Bau 2015 trade fair in Munich, Germany. This recognition came after WeberHaus participated in a research project to analyse the sustainability of new-build single, double and three-family homes. BMUB commissioned the engineering company Prof. Dr. Hauser GmbH in collaboration with representatives from associations and various consumer protection organisations to develop a list of criteria to serve as the basis for an independent, neutral certification procedure.
Awarded 1st place for Service Champions
For the third time in a row, WeberHaus is at the top of the "Service Champions" rankings in the "prefabricated house" sector. Since 2016, we are the only provider of prefabricated houses across the industry to achieve silver rank.
Zertifikat wohnmedizinisch empfohlen
Medically recommended for residential use
The Society for Housing Medicine, Building Hygiene and Indoor Toxicology evaluated the indoor air measurements at CityLife700 and analysed samples of airborne germs and particles. The formaldehyde value falls below the high requirements of the Working Group of Ecological Research Institutes (AGÖF) and therefore fulfils the criteria for hygienic safety.
Das QDF-Gütesiegel
The QDF-seal of quality
Prefabricated houses with the QDF seal fulfil the minimum legal requirements (Ü mark), the requirements of the RAL quality seal for timber house construction and also the extensive requirements of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau (German Prefabricated Housing Quality Association) in terms of energy efficiency, ecology, economy, construction technology and sustainability.
CrefoZert – Bonitätszertifikat
CrefoZert – Creditworthiness
Our creditworthiness has been independently verified with the CrefoZert. The result confirms to builders and those interested in building that we fully fulfil the trust placed in us. WeberHaus is one of the German companies with an exceptionally good credit rating. This means stability and security.
WeberHaus-Zertifikat Blauer Engel
„Blue Angel“
Materials labelled with the "Blue Angel" are low-emission. Both the ÖvoNatur wood-based panel and the mineral thermal insulation bear this seal. The building materials are produced with low levels of pollutants, exceeding the legal requirements, and are harmless from a health perspective.
Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2017
Winner of German Dream House Award 2017, premium and family houses categories.
WeberHaus came second in the German Dream Home Award twice. 60,000 readers and users had voted in seven categories in the competition, which is awarded by the largest real estate magazine "Bellevue" in Europe and the customer magazine of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall "Wohnglück".
TÜV Rheinland gesünderes Bauen
TÜV Rheinland
All houses comply with the TÜV Rheinland criteria catalogue "Tested for harmful substances and suitable for allergy sufferers" and have been awarded the certificate for healthier building. In addition, WeberHaus is the first company to be awarded the "medically recommended for living" certification for all its houses due to their outstanding indoor air quality.
„Minergie-Standard“ für ÖvoNatur
„Minergie-Standard“ for ÖvoNatur
The MINERGIE standard is a voluntary building standard in Switzerland that enables the rational use of energy and the widespread use of renewable energies. Our building envelope and the year-round controllable air exchange through the ventilation system fulfil this standard.
RAL Gütezeichen „Erzeugnisse aus Mineralwolle“
RAL quality seal "Products made of mineral wool"
The RAL quality seal stands for compliance with the world's strictest biosolubility requirements for mineral wool and thus guarantees health safety. So your WeberHaus is insulated for healthy living. This certificate was awarded to our partner Isover for the building material "Mineral thermal insulation universal-Filz UF"
RAL Gütesicherung „Holzhausbau“
RAL quality assurance "Timber house construction"
Our prefabricated house elements and their construction are randomly and thoroughly tested twice a year by the Bundes-Gütegemeinschaft Montagebau und Fertighäuser e. V. (Federal Quality Association for Assembly Construction and Prefabricated Houses). The RAL-GZ 422 seal guarantees you the highest quality, which has been independently confirmed.
Familien spielt auf der Couch
IBR seal of quality
The quality seal "Tested and recommended by the Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim" was awarded by Knauf after thorough laboratory testing of the plasterboard to guarantee its biological safety.
Preis-Leistungs-Sieger 2017 Focus Money
Value for Money Check by Focus Money
WeberHaus wins the Gold Award 2017 for ‘Value for Money’ from the renowned German finance magazine, Focus Money. WeberHaus were the only German prefabricated house company delivering to the UK to acheive this highly acclaimed award. The award is based on a survey report assessing customer satisfaction regarding price and product quality. Overall, more than six million comments were evaluated. WeberHaus achieved 97.2 out of 100 Points. "We have gained a lot of awards for our innovative capacity, our quality and sustainablitity in the past" says Peter Liehner, the Sales Managing Director at WeberHaus. "This great result in the Value for Money criteria completes the picture!
Familie liegt auf der Couch - Baby schläft
"Environmental Product Declaration"
The "Institut Bauen und Umwelt" (IBU) certifies Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to describe the environmental performance of building products. This product declaration was awarded to our partner Isover for the building material "Mineral thermal insulation universal-Filz UF.
natureplus©-quality seal
The natureplus© quality label demonstrates our commitment to products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and harmless to health. All GUTEX insulation boards are biologically harmless, as proven by tests and expert reports.
Bronze für WeberHaus in der Kategorie „Plusenergiehäuser“
Second Runner-Up for WeberHaus Energy Saving Homes
The position of second runner-up for the Hausbau Design Award was awarded to our show home in Cologne-Frechen. The award is given away in cooperation with publishing house Compact Publishing in Munich. More than 14,000 participants chose their dream homes in six categories
Platz 1 für WeberHaus in der Kategorie „Smarte Fertighäuser“
WeberHaus takes pole position in the smart prefab homes category
Soon, all homes will be smart homes. Convenient control of shutters and blinds, easy monitoring and regulation of room temperature and effective reuse of generated energy – smart homes provide all of this and more. Connected Home magazine introduced the smart prefab homes category for the first time in 2014. WeberHaus took home first place, proving their innovation in the smart home sector.
Business-Award für Hans Weber
WeberHaus founder receives Business Award
Hans Weber - WeberHaus founder - received the Baden-Baden Business Award on 25th October 2013. The award was bestowed by the International Economic Forum in Baden-Baden for Hans Weber's outstanding entrepreneurial accomplishments. Highlighting the vision and innovative power of Hans Weber, the award honoured the qualities that made WeberHaus what it is today: a specialist for the sustainable, energy-efficient construction of individual homes.
Family Home - Leserhaus des Jahres
House of the Year readers' choice award
FamilyHome magazine readers selected the home of one of our customers, the Schier family, to receive first prize for House of the Year in 2013 in the price category of houses up to €200,00. The house is from the WeberHaus range “CityLife”.
Deutscher Traumhauspreis 2012 für WeberHaus
WeberHaus wins 2012 German Dream House competition
More than 30,000 print and online readers of the BELLEVUE and HOUSE&more magazines, as well as the web portals and, voted the WeberHaus Cologne show home as their award-winning house in the Business Class category. The award ceremony was held at the FertighausWelt on 6th June 2012.
WeberHaus PlusEnergie ist Preisträger „365 Orte im Land der Ideen“ 2012
WeberHaus PlusEnergie concept wins 2012 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas competition
An expert jury of scientists, business managers, journalists and politicians selected the WeberHaus PlusEnergie concept as winner in the competition's environmental category. The winners of the competition are examples of Germany's advanced innovation culture and represent significant future trends.
Technik-Cube für intelligentes Energie- und Haussteuerungs-Konzept
WeberHaus wins Technology Cube for their smart energy and smart home concept
We claimed another award as our own on 20th October 2011. In the scope of the major German prefabricated house award, an independent jury awarded WeberHaus the coveted Technology Cube for their pioneering ‘generation 5.0’ house, which impressed the jury with its PlusEnergie concept, smart home control technology and integrated solar storage tank. The Fachschriften publishing house in Fellbach initiated the annual competition and has been awarding their 'cubes' to industry leaders in a variety of categories since 2004.
„Haus des Jahres“ der Zeitschrift SCHÖNER WOHNEN
SCHÖNER WOHNEN magazine's House of the Year Award
The House of the Year Award is one of Germany's most attractive architectural competitions. The award recognises unique architecture, high quality of living, effective integration into the surroundings and energy efficiency. WeberHaus homes were described as being innovative, spacious and modern
Zeitschrift Der Bauherr verleiht uns „Leserhaus des Jahres“
WeberHaus receives House of the Year Readers' Choice Award from Der Bauherr magazine
WeberHaus once again received the coveted House of the Year Readers' Choice Award presented by Der Bauherr magazine. Readers named the home of our customers in Switzerland, the Würmli family, their favourite in the luxury homes category. WeberHaus were presented with the Gold Home Medal for the modern architecture and energy efficiency of their homes.
CRM Best Practice Award für WeberHaus family
CRM Best Practice Award for WeberHaus family
End-to-end customer service even after move-in: The WeberHaus family homeowners' club received the Gold Best Practice Award at the CRM Expo 2007 in Nuremberg. The award is presented annually by acquisa magazine in collaboration with asfc (Fürth), the organiser of the CRM Expo.
Umweltpreis „Goldener Helios“
Golden Helios eco-award
EnergieEffizienz Agentur Rhein-Neckar GmbH (E2A) presented the Golden Helios eco-award to WeberHaus for their leading role in building energy efficient homes. E2A presents this award to companies in the Baden, Hesse and Palatinate regions.
WeberHaus erhält den Preis des Deutschen Fertigbaus
WeberHaus receives award from the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Housing
Each year, the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Housing presents an award to companies from the prefab industry or to people who have been passionately involved in the German prefabricated home sector. President of the German Employers' Association, Dr. Dieter Hundt, presented the award to Hans Weber.
„Haus des Jahres“ der Zeitschrift Das Einfamilienhaus
Das Einfamilienhaus magazine's House of the Year Award
WeberHaus pocketed a landslide win in the energy efficient homes category in 2005. The coveted award by the building trade journal is a readers' choice award presented in different categories.
Fachschriften-Verlag verleiht WeberHaus Strebelpreis
Fachschriften publishing house presents Strebel Award to WeberHaus
Each year Fachschriften publishing house presents the Strebel Award to people from the prefabricated home industry for their exceptional dedication and innovation in the prefab home sector. WeberHaus founder Hans Weber took home the prize in 2005.
Holzbaupreis des Landes Baden-Württemberg
Baden-Württemberg Timber Construction Award
The WeberHaus home concept, WeberHaus option, took home two awards for WeberHaus. The company left the competition in the dust, winning HÄUSER magazine's architecture award in 2004. WeberHaus received the Baden-Württemberg Timber Construction Award the following year for their creative use of the world's oldest building material.
Designpreis für das Hauskonzept Övolution
Design award for the Övolution house concept
Convincing in terms of ecology and design. WeberHaus has been awarded the Baden-Württemberg State Design Prize for its Övolution concept. The state prize is awarded to manufacturers and designers for pioneering and outstanding professional achievements in design.
Hausentwurf Övolution erhält Euro-Solar-Preis
Övolution house design wins Euro Solar Award
WeberHaus was honoured with the 1997 Euro Solar Prize for the Övolution house design. The courage to develop new concepts with the consistent use of alternative energies and the low-energy concept were convincing.
Goldene DM für das Produkt des Jahres
Golden Deutsche Mark for the product of the year
The expert jury of Deutsche Mark magazine chose a WeberHaus. Another award for the Övolution house design, which redefines the relationship between man and nature and combines ecological behavior with comfortable living.
Umweltschutzpreis des Ortenaukreises
Environmental protection award of the Ortenau district
WeberHaus recognised and implemented the ecological responsibility of construction companies at an early stage. For its exemplary waste management concept, the company was honoured with the Ortenau District Environmental Protection Award in 1994. Avoiding and reducing waste is the top priority.