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A healthier home
with WeberHaus

Our promise for your home

A healthy life starts with a healthy home

Hardly any other place is more important for our quality of life than our home. It's where we spend time with our family, relax and recharge our batteries - and increasingly, it's also where we work. So it is all the more important that we feel completely at ease within our own four walls. With WeberHaus you can rely on this - that is our promise for your healthy living.

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It is very important to me personally that homeowners feel comfortable in a WeberHaus
and enjoy living in it in a healthier way. We are the first prefabricated house
manufacturer to be able to attest to a high level of healthy living with certifications
from three independent institutes."

Heidi Weber-Mühleck

The reasons why our houses are so healthy to live in:

  • Natural, healthier building materials
  • Strict avoidance of potentially harmful substances
  • High-quality, tested and certified materials
  • Excellent indoor climate
  • Hygienically clean indoor air

Healthy building - right from the start

In order to plan a new home that is really healthy to live in, the choice of materials and the manufacturing methods are particularly important. With WeberHaus, you have real experts at your side: Our construction planners ensure transparency in every phase of the house construction, inform you about the materials used - and guarantee excellent living health right down to the last corner of your home.

Building healthier with certainty

  • Continuous material testing
  • Professional workmanship
  • Highly skilled employees
  • Healthy building supervision
  • Systematic building site inspection
  • Independent certification

Systematically low-emission construction

Dizziness, tiredness, headaches: air pollutants in the home cause a variety of complaints. A third of all people in Europe already suffer from allergies and asthma. In this context, your own home is becoming increasingly important as a place of safety.

The use of low-emission building materials is therefore standard in every WeberHaus.

What does healthy living mean?

Indoor air and its pollutant content is a particularly important factor when it comes to healthy living. After all, we spend 80 to 90 per cent of our lives indoors and take an average of 20,000 breaths per day. This is why you should pay particular attention to safe, low-pollutant building materials when building new homes.


Wood: the healthy building material

Wood is a real all-rounder. The building material is not only ecological and CO2-neutral, but also ensures an excellent living and feel-good climate in our houses. It is not without reason that every WeberHaus is built with wood.

We pay strict attention to the outstanding quality and sustainable origin of our building materials. All the wood in our houses comes from responsible, local forestry.

ÖvoNatur Therm:

the centrepiece of our homes

The highly insulating ÖvoNatur Therm building shell is the basis for the excellent energy efficiency, long-lasting healthy living and high feel-good quality of our houses.

Pure nature - frequently tested

  • Wood from responsible forestry
  • Untreated wood chips for the wood fibre insulation from sawmills in the Black Forest
  • GUTEX wood fibre insulation boards with natureplus quality mark
  • Mineral wool insulation materials with the "Blue Angel" label
  • Formaldehyde-free glued wood-based panels
  • Testing and certification of the wood-based panels by the Sentinel Haus Institut

More on ÖvoNatur Therm

Healthy indoor air as standard

In a WeberHaus, you breathe hygienically clean and noticeably healthy indoor air day and night. This is due to the WeberHaus construction concept: the careful selection of low-emission building materials and the innovative fresh air heating technology allow you to breathe freely within your own four walls. Both are standard at WeberHaus.


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Triple certified: 
Your healthy living WeberHaus

When you choose WeberHaus, you get excellent indoor air quality and certified healthy living. We are the first prefabricated house manufacturer to be honoured by three renowned and independent institutes. This guarantees you a high degree of neutrality.

All awards and certificates

Healthy living starts with the foundation

The Weberith foundation slab protects you from an underestimated and invisible danger: radon. This radioactive noble gas is formed in soils and rocks. In the home, it becomes a health hazard because radon is carcinogenic. After smoking, it is the second most common cause of lung cancer.

The Weberith floor slab protects from the ground up: it is designed to be radon-inhibiting with suitable surface sealing and other special sealants. This means that natural gas can no longer penetrate into living spaces.

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