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Bespoke design

We are one of Germany’s leading prefab house building companies - and when you partner with WeberHaus, the layout, design, fixtures and fittings will all be exactly as you want them. Better yet, your prefab home will be on time, on budget and built by expert craftsmen using the highest quality materials.

Whether it's a sophisticated, classic look you have in mind or you're on the hunt for something more contemporary and cutting-edge, our luxury house builders will help to make your dream home a reality - whatever that entails. As part of our commitment to building eco-friendly homes, your home will also feature a host of innovative, energy-efficient features for maximum comfort and convenience.

Show us what your dream home looks like. We'll take care of the rest.

Prefabricated properties

Prefabricated homes (otherwise known as prefab homes or modular homes) are houses manufactured offsite, before being transported to their new location and assembled there by specialist prefab home builders. At WeberHaus, it's this prefabrication process which allows us to work with customers across the UK to efficiently and effectively create unique properties which meet every one of their criteria.

The ultimate appeal of prefabricated homes is that buyers can work with design teams to map out a bespoke plan - giving them a chance to have their dream house built from scratch to their specifications. With free rein over size, materials and the advanced energy-efficient technologies we install in your self-build kit house, your property will be completely customised inside and out.

Flat-pack homes dramatically streamline the construction process, with buildings assembled on your site in just three days. Your new turnkey house is built to the highest standard, piece by piece, in our prefabrication factory in Germany - providing us with everything we need to later construct your prefab home in minimal time.

Our philosophy

From our master craftsmen to our award-winning trainees, we share your passion to create a home that is bespoke to you from the inside out. We combine precision engineering with creative expertise and use locally sourced, natural wood and high-quality fixtures to build eco-friendly timber frame homes to each customer’s unique requirements.

Since 1960, WeberHaus has created over 39,000 prefabricated homes that are fine-tuned and innovatively designed down to the very last detail. We know how to deliver excellence at every stage of the design, prefabrication and building process, and we aim to create a satisfying and rewarding experience from start to finish for customers throughout the UK and beyond.

From the initial plans to the first time you close the front door, our German kit houses are designed and built to suit you – with first-class customer service to match. We'll assign a dedicated project manager to ensure your experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, and that your prefab home is everything you’ve dreamed. Partnering with WeberHaus will change what you thought possible. We'll take care of everything – but the home we build will be entirely yours.

Technology for life

WeberHaus-Zimmermann, Holzqualität
Master craftsmen
Building your prefab Home
From our master craftsmen to our award-winning trainees, we share your passion to create a home that is bespoke to you from the inside out. Our state-of-the-art factory, located in Rheinau-Linx, Germany, provides us with the space and the facilities to custom-build timber frame houses, using advanced techniques in a temperature-controlled environment.
ÖvoNatur Therm Wandschnitt, Wandaufbau, Gebäudehülle
Eco-friendly prefab homes
Innovative wall system
Our wall system are amongst the finest in Germany. WeberHaus wall use ecologically sound materials that provide excellent thermal insulation and breathability, achieving very low U values and superior moisture control.
Guaranteed quality
Awarded by the Society of Residential Hygiene, Construction Medicine and Interior Toxicology, a rigorous testing process is carried out to evaluate the standards of healthy living. The innovative materials used by WeberHaus exceed the prescribed standards required for this certification.