Benefits of prefabricated construction

It is at the WeberHaus sites in Rheinau-Linx (Baden) and Wenden-Hünsborn (Sauerland) where traditional craftsmanship meets modern engineering. This combination creates the unique prefab houses constructed from timber, itself an eco-friendly, renewable material. Prefabrication has inestimable advantages, because unlike a conventional house, a prefab home is made in a production hall. One advantage of this is that the construction process is not dependent on the weather. Moreover, the use of modern technology ensures a guaranteed precision fit, down to the final millimetre. Your dream home is then delivered directly to the building site, complete with all preinstalled windows and blinds as well as the brand-name solid house door - even the base plaster on the outside walls has already been applied.

Timber-frame construction – for enhanced wellbeing

A timber-frame house means living in harmony with nature. This is why we use timber as the base material of our eco-houses. As a sustainable and renewable resource, wood possesses properties that make it ideal for house construction. It is sturdy, versatile, and easy to handle. As a producer of prefab homes, we also take responsibility for the natural landscape and the region in which we live and work. Which is why we obtain the majority of our timber from the Swabian Ostalb and the Black Forest.

A dream home made with the highest precision

The unique feature of a WeberHaus home is the way it is produced. While stone buildings are built to the nearest centimetre, we work with millimetre precision. Your WeberHaus home is designed using the latest CAD software, and its components are fashioned using high-tech equipment. Wherever our own quality demands require it, we also perform genuine manual work. Our employees are specialists, who build every house as if it were their own. Our 40,000 completed dream homes speak for themselves.



A walk through our production facilities

Like a fly on the wall - took along a camera as we took them on a tour through our production halls to witness how a prefab house is made. Take a look yourself!



Smart robotics at WeberHaus

Enjoy a first look at our new WeberHaus plant mechanics, where robots are employed routinely.