Mini house OPTION: small but perfectly formed, plus an elegant design

Life is full of possibilities. Which is why the new OPTION mini home series merges high standards of comfort and home living with spatial efficiency. This gives it an authentic overall appearance, modern and stylistically confident down to the last corner. Design the centrepoint of your life based on a choice of three preplanned variants. OPTION represents a considerable plus in freedom and flexibility over a small area. Be inspired and discover all the advantages of your own mini home.


"Giving a home to your personal dreams of a place to live, and one that satisfies modern expectations of sustainable construction. This is our vision of the OPTION series"

- Marco Patone, architect.

Small space. More home. Pure aesthetics.

So who said that bigger always means better? The sustainable OPTION series makes living in a compact space a reality. Best of all, you alone decide which layout option best fits your life plan. There are plenty of fixture and fitting highlights for you to choose from as standard. For example, there are eight photovoltaic modules, an attractive stairway in a folded structure and the high-insulating and ecologically efficient ÖvoNatur building envelope. With our first-class craftsmanship and high-grade materials, quality is of the highest standard. See it for yourself.


As big as necessary,

Not as small as possible.



Get the optimum out of OPTION - for life

Depending on your building site, location, budget and time of life, dream homes can be as varied as the owners themselves. So, it is good that mini houses in the OPTION series can be modified to suit individual wishes and requirements. What is your scenario?

Building in green surroundings

Whether you are building on an occupied plot or a new one, with mini houses in the OPTION series, you will have a living space that is in harmony with nature. Eco-materials and a multi-system for heating, cooling and hot water ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Living on one level

Have your children left the family home and are you looking for somewhere to live that is easier to look after and more appropriate for your time of life? Then the space-saving designs in the OPTION series are just what you are looking for. Every square metre makes sense.

Experience more freedom

Minimalism is most definitely à la mode these days. Because once you focus on essentials, you experience a veritable boost in your flexibility and enjoyment of life. With OPTION, the standard remains as high as ever. Down to the last corner, the byword is “Class - not mass!”.

Realise your own home

Live in your own dream home for an affordable price. When you choose a mini house from the OPTION series, this is exactly what you will get. Realise your wish for your own home in proven WeberHaus quality. As they say: fewer costs - better performance.

The small house for big dreams

Never before has a prefab home displayed so much scope. OPTION is the intelligent mini house alternative, which can be flexibly adapted to your lifestyle and the way you choose to use the building. Whether as a residential or a business location. Whatever you are planning, with the innovative Tiny series from WeberHaus, you will find the right format for all contexts.

  • A home for singles and couples
  • A home to retire to
  • A house and garden for guests
  • A holiday home in the country
  • An extension for an office or practice
  • A boarding house

Reducing life to its essence does you good

With OPTION you can reduce your dwelling without lowering your standards of quality and design. Many equipment highlights are included in the regular price. This allows you to save on expenses that you can then use to add your own individual touch.

Plastic windows in white or colour with Venetian blinds.

Space-saving sliding doors as an attractive design element.

Glass safety barrier for windows that extend down to floor level.

Modern stairway in a folding design with flush risers.

Generously proportioned shower tray in comfort size 120 x 90 cm.

Hot water, air-conditioning and room heating in a single system.

3.28 kWp photovoltaic system.

Build ecologically and comfortably

Quality without compromise

Space for

Sustainability and efficiency

Modified to
your needs


There are many reasons why a mini home is more sustainable than a conventional one:

  1. It consumes fewer resources: its smaller size means that it requires less building materials. This reduces the quantities of timber, metal, concrete and other resources that are needed, whose extraction and handling is often energy-intensive and has a negative impact on the environment.

  2. Energy efficiency: small living spaces are easier to heat and cool, which considerably reduces their energy consumption. Mini homes can be easily supplied or supported with power from renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, which further reduces their ecological footprint.

  3. Less waste: due to their size and efficiency, less waste is produced both during construction as well as in day to day living. This facilitates the efficient use of materials and resources.

  4. Promotion of a minimalistic lifestyle: mini houses encourage you to be more conscious of what you consume and to minimise your personal possessions. This minimalistic lifestyle can also play a role in lowering the production and consumption of goods. And this, in turn, protects the environment.

  5. Subsidies: in many regions, sustainable constructions such as passive houses, which pursue a similar philosophy to mini houses, are subsidised by government programmes. This support can help to recoup the extra costs of sustainable building measures and make the construction of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly living solutions more attractive.

A mini home in the OPTION series is suitable for anyone who is open to new experiences and likes to break out of habitual behaviours. It doesn’t matter what family phase or time of life you are in.

This type of house can definitely be recommended to the following customer groups:

- Couples and individuals who wish to live healthily in a compact but high-quality living space.

- People who appreciate design and innovation but are not prepared to do without home comfort and cosiness.

- People of a more advanced age who are searching for a dwelling that suits their time of life.

- Self-employed people who wish to use their mini house for commercial purposes.

- Architect's offices or agencies who are looking for innovative office space.

- Institutions or businesses who wish to build accommodation for workers or nursing staff.

...and many, many more.

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Have we managed to inspire you? Our building consultants in your region will be happy to help you with any further questions. From the initial idea to the finished layout, from support in matters of finance to insider tips when searching for a plot.

Come to the WeberHaus building forum and use it as a central meeting point on your journey to your own mini dream home.

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