Build sustainably with an outstanding prefabricated house manufacturer

For more than 60 years, our homes have been distinguished by their quality and sustainability. Our philosophy is rooted in our sense of responsibility for people, the environment, and nature. Honesty and dedication are the principles on which we build. This fundamental ideal is not only part and parcel of every WeberHaus home, but it is practised everyday by all of our employees. Whether you desire a bungalow, a single-family house or a luxury villa, we build every house as if it were our own - with the greatest of care and maximum dedication. The result are houses in which you will feel totally at ease from the moment you walk in. This is confirmed not only by our customers but also by the multiple certifications and awards that WeberHaus homes have received.

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Ecological, innovative, and stable in value

Quality requirements are of the highest priority when it comes to the materials we use and the construction techniques we employ. We naturally pay as much attention to the economic and sustainable use of natural resources as we do to employing eco-materials that promote healthy living. Each and every WeberHaus home is innovative and forward-looking in terms of its energy efficiency and modern domestic technology. This is where modern production techniques merge with traditional craftsmanship.

It is this combination that guarantees a lifetime of quality and secure living with an enhanced sense of worth. Our employees devote their skill, commitment and creativity to achieving this aim, every single day. Their enthusiasm for WeberHaus is rooted in our naturally evolved value system that has for decades guided our family-run company with a sense of responsibility. A strong foundation that you too will feel in your home.