WeberHaus in sight and sound

Take a look at exiting reports about WeberHaus and the World of Living.

ÖvoNatur Wall – the ecological Wallsystem of WeberHaus

Our wall systems are amongst the finest in Germany. WeberHaus walls use ecologically sound materials that provide excellent thermal insulation and breathability, achieving very low U values and superior moisture Control.

House erection in Buckinghamshire

This prefabricated home was one of our first ever projects in the UK. Constructed at the WeberHaus factory, this traditionally styled home was then assembled, piece by piece, by our construction experts in Buckinghamshire.

House erection in Oxfordshire

Of all our prefabricated homes, this project was both one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding. Take a look at the house erection!

Energy neutral houses

Imagine your house didn't only save energy, but actually produced energy. Be inspired by this clip regarding energy neutral houses and their amazed owners.