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A Majestic Mansion

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Sam said, “I didn’t want a conventional house. I wanted a large, high-end home with unique features to make it ours. This is why we chose WeberHaus; we could truly make a bespoke home with special features to reflect our individuality.”  In the porch, Sam and Nicky have some beautiful pillars for a touch of grandeur before entering the house. Once inside, you are greeted by an unconventional but magnificent staircase which is the focus of this superb 2,200 sq. ft. two-storey home.  “We wanted the downstairs to open up into one huge space, so Nick Blunt came up with an amazing idea whereby the doors for the living room and hallway would slide into the wall. This was much better than including bi-folding doors as you get more space with the doors disappearing into the walls.”


Sam and Nicky are also very environmentally conscious and have incorporated a number of ecological features into their home, such as an electric car charger. The house is self-sustaining and the couple selected wall insulation and a ventilation system that bring the house very close to Passivhaus status. They still want to invest in photovoltaics and plan to do this at a later date. 


One of the house’s most amazing features, and Sam’s favourite spot, is a hidden viewing platform. “Nick and I worked closely to perfect this and it’s my pride and joy. When you are in the master bedroom, you can exit onto this hidden platform and enjoy the breath-taking views our house overlooks; open fields and a stunning lake.  Any onlooker wouldn’t be able to see this platform, so it acts as our own little private sanctuary.”


The house has also been thoughtfully future-proofed with the inclusion of an elevator for seamless movement between floors regardless of age or physical disability.  For now, it comes in very handy for moving large or heavy items upstairs and, looking to the future, Nicky and Sam will be able to enjoy their dream home for a long time to come.