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Barrier-free dream house in timeless aesthetics

Additional information

Almost ten years ago, the Janssen family bought an apartment in Munich for their retirement, but Rudolf had an illness which took a turn for the worse and learned that he would need a wheelchair in the foreseeable future. The couple then searched for a suitable apartment which would suit Rudolf’s needs and stumbled upon a newly developed area, which is where they live today.

"It was clear that we wanted to build our own home, and a prefabricated house made of wood was the only design in question” said Maria.

A lift in your own home

In order for Rudolf, who is in a wheelchair, to move independently in his own home, important standards had to be considered. First and foremost, threshold-free doors allow the house to be accessible. The Janssen’s home would not be barrier-free without the lift, giving Rudolf and his family effortless upstairs access.

Modern, barrier-free and energy-efficient

The purist furnishing style runs through the entire house with simple, usually white, pieces of furniture. Spacious rooms allow easy manoeuvrability for Rudolf. "The best thing about our house is that it is clearly structured, compact and bright," say the Janssens. "And of course, the location is fabulous. Without this view we would not have bought the property."

Energy efficiency was also an important issue for the Janssens. "We had enormous costs in our old house and definitely wanted to lower them” Rudolf said. The well-insulated ÖvoNatur building shell, which is installed as a standard in every WeberHaus home, already ensures an enormously low energy consumption. In addition, the couple opted for a heat pump that protects the environment and the wallet at the same time. With the photovoltaic system on the roof, the couple even generates their own eco-electricity.