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Modern eco-friendly self-build home

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This modern, eco-friendly self-build home comes with solar panels and natural wood cladding. A modern house in a prefabricated design, this building was constructed to put emphasis on sustainable materials and a healthy indoor climate - without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. And thanks to renewable and innovative raw materials, our eco friendly homes are designed to last.

 The wooden materials are versatile as well as modern, meaning that this property impresses from both the interior and exterior. For a timelessly chic finish, wooden, eco-friendly homes promise an eye-catching design while being environmentally-friendly. Thanks to solar panels installed on the roof, the family living in this property can generate their own energy - resulting in a huge saving in energy bills.

At WeberHaus, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice the environment in the name of beauty so, if you want to build your own eco house, we want to help!