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Energy-efficient prefab with wood burning stove and open plan ground floor, in Petersfield, Hampshire

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This 300m² prefabricated home assembled in Petersfield effectively demonstrates how a relatively simple box shape can be innovatively designed to include eye-catching features. From the exterior, a simple design utilises partial timber-cladding and a modern white base, combined with huge windows that enable light to flood into every corner of the home.

Inside, you are greeted by a dramatic double-height ceiling and house-height windows for a luxurious touch. Further inside, this prefab home has spacious, inviting family rooms and an open-plan living dynamic that includes a sunken sitting area for modern family comfort. An impressive bridge links the master suite to the other first floor accommodation - where the family can stop to take in gorgeous natural views of the surrounding Hampshire countryside.

We believe that eco-friendly homes are the future. That’s why WeberHaus has been leading the way in sustainable house design since our team began building prefabricated homes in Germany over five decades ago. At the core of this WeberHaus home is that same commitment - embodied by triple-glazed aluminium and timber windows, an air source heat pump, a heat recovery ventilation system, underfloor heating and a wood burning stove. Together, these features reduce this home’s energy consumption to less than a quarter than that of regular homes.

Superior heat insulation techniques make this home more comfortable all year round, and nine-point security lock systems offer advanced security for homeowners. We go the extra mile by carefully testing walls for tiny air leakages or thermal bridges to fulfil our promise to clients of providing eco-friendly prefabricated homes. With the combination of pioneering prefabrication techniques and a commitment to consistent, award-winning innovation, this home, assembled in rural Hampshire, is one of over 35,000 eco prefab homes we’ve constructed around the world.