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Three architect-designed modular homes with outdoor terraces, on the Isle of Man

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With over 55 years of experience in constructing flat pack homes, WeberHaus have always championed client consultation and customisation at the core of every build. With this client, we built three wholly unique prefabricated houses for three unique siblings - a gift from a loving father to his children. Working with Nick Blunt, Managing Director of Urban Curve Architects, we opted for a bespoke set of houses that reflect the individualisms of each personality inside.

With all three homes set in a beautiful coastal backdrop on the Isle of Man, the exteriors utilise large panes of triple-glazed glass - providing spectacular views into the surrounding area while allowing natural light to flood into each property’s spacious interior. Inside each of the timber frame homes are spacious rooms with modern finishings worked into every aspect - from the materials and lighting to the stairs and the bathrooms - for extensive levels of luxury and comfort.

Using world-class German house design techniques, our experienced home builders built each prefab home, piece by piece, at the WeberHaus factory in Rheinau-Linx, Germany. The parts were then sent to the Isle of Man, where the homes were constructed in less than three days each. At the core of everything we do is an eco-friendly philosophy. Each of our eco-friendly homes is packed with incredible innovations that have made WeberHaus one of the leaders in developing truly sustainable home design.

From our triple-glazed timber windows and airtight doors to heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and breathable wall systems, we embed sustainability into our builds as standard - saving our clients money on energy bills and reducing our impact on the planet, too. Each of these homes were custom-built to the client specification, with the end result being three unique, environmentally friendly modern prefab homes that will house three unique families for the years to come.