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Custom-built prefabricated home with large, modern swimming pool, designed for relaxation

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This visually captivating property was custom-built by our experienced luxury house builders in Germany for the Cartier family - before being constructed at their plot in France in less than three days. From the moment the Cartiers contacted our team to the moment they opened the front door, we worked to realise their dream of a bespoke home built around their lifestyle.

Retaining our core eco house design principles, we worked transparently with the family to design a dream home that they could call their own. With a large outdoor pool offering a leisure space for the family to enjoy with friends in the warmer summer months, we designed this prefab with modern family living in mind. Inside, the Cartiers enjoy a clean, modern aesthetic that makes full use of texture, materials and shape for a high-class interior design foundation that they can build upon with their personal possessions.

Incorporated into all of our prefabricated homes is a dedication to eco-friendly design. Throughout all WeberHaus builds, you’ll find the innovative technologies and inbuilt solutions that have made our prefab homes renowned internationally for their eco-conscious construction. In Germany, our bespoke house builders use world-class precision engineering techniques to manufacture the timber structure for our homes - using detailed plans drawn up between the client and their assigned Project Manager. Our Project Managers are highly knowledgeable in prefabrication builds, and are always available to offer clear guidance and advice throughout the entire process.