Windows & Doors

From traditional to ultra-modern, the WeberHaus principle of energy-efficient, sustainable house design naturally includes the use of all doors and windows. Our buildings are constructed to reach levels of insulation far higher than that of conventional houses, because we use extra-thick doors with highly effective, airtight seals - together with triple-glazed windows - to significantly reduce energy loss.

Our team of experienced designers and builders work closely with all of our clients to construct energy efficient homes that are as unique as their owners.


Not only are our doors economically sound, but they are incredibly secure, too - with each WeberHaus door coming with a 9-point security lock system as standard. The multiple latches and locking mechanisms ensure your home is safe and secure - giving you added peace of mind.


Our commitment to door insulation that exceeds that of conventional doors means you’ll benefit from enhanced energy efficiency in your prefab home - utilising an eco-friendly approach to reduce overall energy costs.


Our triple-glazed, soundproof windows and security features help to make your home safe, warm and noise-protected. Aluminium exterior cladding of the windows will also guarantee long-lasting quality, even in the face of bad weather conditions.